Saturday, 22 April 2017

7 years after, Nigerian celebs speak to LIB on how they remember Dagrin

7 years ago, the Nigerian entertainment industry was thrown into mourning when Olaitan Oladapo Olaonipekun, aka ‘Dagrin’ was pronounced dead, exactly eight days after he was involved in a ghastly motor accident in front of Alakara Police station, off Agege Motor Road, Mushin, Lagos.
Today, as we remember him 7 years after, LIB spoke to some Nigerian showbiz stars and On Air Personalities on how they remember him....
YQ: As we continue to share his stories and listen to his classics, we will continue to be inspired by them. He is the guy one meets once, and one never forgets. Even as we celebrate, we mourn for today and for as long as it takes. I know Dagrin is looking down from heaven, with a smile on his face, willing us to focus on being the best representation of ourselves and move on.
Olu Maintain: Wow, 7-years! How time flies. I remember the faithful day i heard the news, I had initially gone to the hospital to see him when we were hoping that he was recovering until we heard that he had suffered a relapse. Dagrin as an individual had a very unique personality because his personality off-stage was a complete contrast to the kind of energy he brought and I know there's  million dollar question about what he'll have been doing now if he was alive, I just think that will continue to remain a question that'll have a subjective answer. 
The most important thing is the fact that his legacy still lives on, look at the likes of Olamide and the energy he has brought into the game, it'll be an insensitive statement to say that is not a by product of what Dagrin brought to the game. I think in that, we celebrate his life and still adore him in death as well.
Ruggedman:  I remember him as one of the best and realest to ever hold a microphone. It still hurts that he left us at the time his career was picking up. I am honoured to have had the opportunity to record a song with him. May his soul continue to rest in peace.
Dj Neptune; Mehn I really miss his presence and I just wish He didn't go that early but I know He is resting well and Happy. The good thing is as a DJ whenever I drop any Dagrin record, the crowd goes crazy. His sound and music still sound fresh.  We all miss you Barack O' Grin
Dotun Cool FM: Akogun! How ironic. His songs still keeps him alive even in death. We truly miss him and each time I stumble on his picture, it just takes me back to our last conversation when we hung out "Baba i gats come your show and thanks for all the love" but it never happened.
K-SOLO: We Sing about 2baba's humility and how he is so unassuming but Dagrin's humilty as a young boy whose Fame glows daily at that time humbles me. So everytime I have a flashback on his little time, it gives me a Sort of feeling about talents and Impacts. His flows never died, the Signature Ponpon Beat too by Sossick never died too. I Just pray he keeps resting well because as 1 of Nigeria's prominent music producer, DAGRIN CAN NEVER BE ERASED
DJ Consequence: Dagrin paved way for the streets, he made indigenous rap a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. He was a legend.
S-Dot Radio Continental: 7 yrs ago, we lost a legend in the making. Hip-hop was very much alive and thriving. DaGrin was a breath of fresh air in tthe genre, giving a hitherto unknown credibility to the streets as regards hip-hop. 7 yrs later, his songs still sound fresh and on point. Genius defies time, and as we are still talking about him, he's proven to be a genius.
As a hip-hop head, I constantly wonder what it'd have been like if he'd been around to harvest his star power. His legacy however, lives on and I'm glad to have witnessed it. I hope those coming after will feel it as much as we did. To his family, God bless and continue to keep y'all.
Bankulli: Dagin will be remembered for been true and original to his sound. He was fearless and gave the indigenous street fans a sort of voice In the mainstream Nigeria hip hop culture. Rest in peace.
Samklef: In all honesty, the price of greatness was his responsibility. Dagrin lives on!

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