Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Donald Trump impersonator Alec Baldwin calls out publisher for errors In his new book

Serial Donald Trump impersonator and actor, Alec Baldwin is very pissed at 'Harper Collins', the publishers of his memoir 'Nevertheless', that was released last week. In a Facebook post, he noted that “the published edition contains several typos and errors which I was more than a little surprised to see.”
He continued to say “the editors at Harper Collins were, I imagine, too busy to do a proper and forensic edit of the material. My next posts will be an index of corrections and amendments to the text in order to bring it more in line with my original intent.”

He also clarified a controversial portion of the book that's getting him bad press. Alec said:
'When I write that I am “in love” with Megan Mulalley or Kate McKinnon or Tina Fey, I mean that I am in love with their talent. As a happily married man who wants to stay that way, I wanted to clarify that'.

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