Monday, 3 April 2017

Graphic: Gay Man rapes young boy to death in Niger state

According to Hausa online news platform, Filter, the little boy pictured above named Aminu, died after he was kidnapped by a gay man named Ahmed Maishayi at the Kontagora area of Niger state, and subjected to repeated anal sex. This is how the Hausa Newspaper reports the story in Hausa.
"Homosexuality Dan shot a boy in Kontagora
From Comrade Zakari Adam Y. Kontagora

From below a picture of a child past the late Aminu and a man named Ahmed Maishayi suspect shield him for a long time with his homosexuality which has caused lost his life.

Local community Kontagora around lust and called on authorities to immediately follow the child right.

God have mercy, and mercy, God and he gave his criminal mummmar nature.

Is the idea of ​​a kind of punishment appropriate to continue adding rape and sodomy in particular for children in Nigeria?

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