Thursday, 27 April 2017

Image believed to be the figure of Jesus appears above Colombian city where 17 people died in landslide

An interesting photo has emerged showing what locals believe to be the figure of Jesus standing over a Colombian city recently ravaged by a landslide just a week ago. The crowd gathered in the north central Colombian region of Caldas to film the figure.
Just last week 17 people had been killed when a month's rainfall fell overnight, resulting in landslides. Yet, as the sun slanted through clouds in Manizales, residents recorded the rare phenomenon on a mountain called Sancancio and those who lost their homes and loved ones in the natural disaster took comfort in choosing to believe that the figure was that of Jesus Christ.

In the video, a man can be heard in the background saying: 
"Oh, my God, my blessed God, come here to see the misery.  Look at this, look at this, blessing God. Glory to the Lord. Do you see the Lord there, standing up?"
At least 17 people were killed and seven are missing after a landslide sent mud and rocks crashing into several neighborhoods in Manizales, Colombia, the government said on Wednesday, the second deadly landslide in the country this month.

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