Saturday, 8 April 2017

Indian man who battered his wife is taught the lesson of his life by his in-laws

The video of an Indian man getting thrashed by a group of men has taken social media by storm after it was discovered that the beating was spurred by the man physically abusing his wife.

Hardik Bharwad, a resident of Nava Vadaj, Ahmedabad, assaulted his wife Ratan Bharwad, a resident of Sector 5, Gandhinagar, India, leaving her with a damaged eye.
The couple, who have a daughter, had a fight after Hardik demanded a car. He beat her up so much that she had a miscarriage. She went home to her parents afterwards, but her husband followed her there and that was what incensed his in-laws.

Ratan's father, Rambhai Bharwad, told a local news station that the family were already unhappy with him after Hardik had a secret marriage two years ago even though he already had a child with his wife. They filed a complaint against him but their daughter begged them to let it go because she did not want to deprive her daughter of a father, so they let it go. However, when he came after his wife in her parents home on March 19th and attempted to assault her, her cousins and relatives went after him as he was approaching his car and beat him. They also proceeded to damage his car and paid no mind to his pleas. It was Ratan who intervened eventually and rescued her husband from her relatives.

Hardik had himself admitted to a private hospital from where he lodged a complaint against his father-in-law and other relatives. 4 people have been arrested by officers of the sector police station in Gandhinagar. D D Sodha, the inspector of Sector 7 police station, said:
"Hardik will soon be questioned and arrested. We are checking his health condition."
Meanwhile, Ratan's family have filed a complaint over the demand for dowry and physical and mental harassment against Hardik.

Below is the video from the attack on Hardick.

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