Thursday, 20 April 2017

Just The Right Gift!

This is a sponsored post...
My son recently bought me a gift, an amazing one I have to be honest and it means everything to me. As a retiree, there isn’t much to do around these days except to relax and catch up with friends when I can. Since I’m an indoor person by nature, power has always been a constant worry for me. I lived abroad for some time and I know what it means to have constant electricity.
My children know this too well and have severally replaced my generators. Despite the supply of power, constant repairs and endless noise comes with it. Add the occasional fuel scarcity to the equation and you have a perfect chaotic scenario. You can then imagine my joy when my eldest son, Seun sent me what I consider my best gift of this year yet, a solar powered electricity device, Lumos Mobile Electricity. For one thing, the lack of noise while I’m using the device delights me. I mean, I get alternative source of power that doesn’t come with noise?

Absolutely amazing! And the juicy part is, I get to recharge the device at the instance of my mobile phone. With just N200 airtime daily subscription on my MTN line since it is powered by MTN, I get steady supply of power. My heart prays for my son fervently! I’m proud of him and kudos to MTN and Lumos for this solution. What can I do better than to recommend this to anyone desirous of getting steady power supply. Trust me, this device solves my power needs!

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