Friday, 21 April 2017

Nicki Minaj slammed for not editing the scene shot on the Westminster Bridge from her music video despite the tragedy that occurred there

Nicki Minaj shot footage for her new music video, No Frauds, on the Westminster Bridge only one day before Khalid Masood ploughed down pedestrians on that same bridge, leading to the death of five people. Following the attack, it was reported that Nicki was considering re-shooting the clip to avoid hurting those affected in the terrorist attack.

 However, new footage of the video shows the scenes made it to the finished music video and some fans were not pleased with the singer.
On Wednesday, the rapper unveiled the final cut for her new track 'No Frauds' and the moment fans watched it and noticed the Westminster Bridge scene was there, they called Nicki Minaj out on social media, saying it was insensitive of her.
"I thought Nicki Minaj was editing out those shots of Westminster Bridge," one fan wrote.
"Are you editing the Westminster bridge part out?" another asked, still believing that was not the final cut for the music video.
"@NICKIMINAJ by Westminster Bridge in her new vid... too soon?" Another asked.
Nicki Minaj is yet to acknowledge the criticisms but has been replying to favourable comments from fans who liked the video. She referred to it as "the best video I've ever released." and said she was "honored to have shot this video in London" but did not comment on the Westminster scene.

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