Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Nigerian woman Susan Anyanwu-Corbin found dead in Boston, authorities looking for family or anyone who has any info about her

Skeletal remains found in a wooded area of Suburban Boston last week, has been identified by the police as  those of 22-year-old, Susan Anyanwu-Corbin. Norfolk District Attorney Michael Morrissey on Monday said the authorities are now trying to find out what happened to her and how she got there.

Morrissey says it's too early to determine how Anyanwu-Corbin died or whether she was the victim of foul play, but he is asking anyone who knew her to come forward.

He says Anyanwu-Corbin's bones were found by a resident in a wooded area of High Street near the Brookdale Cemetery on April 4. When Police searched the area, they discovered nearly a full skeleton.

Morrissey says Anyanwu-Corbin migrated to the U.S. from Nigeria and appears to have been missing since February 2016. Her last known address was in Boston's Hyde Park neighborhood.
When her body was found, authorities say she was wearing a Marist College sweatshirt, Atmosphere brand sweatpants and distinctive jewelry.She lived with her mother in Boston for a few years before her mother moved back to Nigeria.
On Friday, the DA revealed pictures of jewelry recovered with the skeletal remains, which a man recognized and called police.
The medical examiner was able to positively identify Anyanwu-Corbin based on dental records after someone came forward to report that they thought the remains might have been hers based on jewelry found near her bones.
Some of the jewelry found at the scene is seen in this photo
The man has since been identified as her boyfriend.
Anyone who knows anything about her disappearance is advised to please contact Mass State Police or Dedham Police.

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