Friday, 7 April 2017

North Korean president Kim Jong Un spent £2.7 million on sexy underwear for group of girls who entertain him and his officials

News emanating from North Korea has it that president Kim Jong Un spent £2.7million on racy lingerie for his pleasure Squad, a group of young girls picked as virgins who provide entertainment for him and his officials. The dictator imported suspenders and corsets among his huge haul from China, which is more than double the figure he spent last year. The girls - some of whom are as young as 13 - are taken from classrooms and subjected to medical tests to check that they are virgins, before being forced into a life of sexual servitude.
Reports also have it that the portly dictator is also squandering millions on Champagne, horses, fines wines, chocolate and Swiss cheese and make-up while his people are struggling to make ends meet. According to the UN, 2 million North Koreans struggle to survive on the meagre rations they receive from the government.

It says the daily allowance is 650 grams of maize, rice and meat. Kim's spending is hardly unprecedented.

Last year, he blew £33million on vain statues of himself, his father Kim Jong-il and grandfather Kim il-Sung last year. According to figures from, an International Trade Centre Map, he also signed off imports worth £5.5m from German firms in 2015, including £235,000 on spirits, £113,000 on wines and Champagne and £56,500 on German bear. There were also orders for £123,442 worth of perfumes, deodorants, make-up and hair care products from Germany. Another £57,229 went on watches from Switzerland, £66,882 on imported cheeses, £251,726 on fishing rods from China and £132,452 on horses from Russia.

The bizarre list of imports included £1.65m worth of umbrellas from China, £8.03m on pepper and £2.34m on gym equipment.

Source: Daily Mail

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