Thursday, 20 April 2017

Political rivalry between neighbors in Washington attracts the intervention of their building management

A political rivalry between neighbors at a Southwest Washington D.C. apartment building caught the attention of a lot of people after photos emerged on social media. 
At Camden South Capitol apartments, a woman put up a banner that had "Nope" on her balcony with an arrow pointing up to her neighbor's Donald Trump banner; Make America Great Again.
Aman Dhanda, who describes herself as a liberal Democrat, revealed to Fox 5 that she endured months living underneath the Trump banner until it started to get to her and she had to do something. Her banner sparked attention and began to trend on social media.
However, it got the attention of the building management, who have now issued a notice  to tenants stating that it is a lease violation to hang anything off of their balconies, with the deadline to remove them before May 1
Part of the notice read: Dear Residents, While we love our residents creativity and unique decorating, the time has come for us to remind all residents it is a lease violation if you hang anything off of your balcony. We have rules to ensure our community exteriors remain clean and hazard free. To not penalize anyone who might be traveling, we are not going to assess fines and violations until Monday May 1st. After Monday, any items from the above list found on a balcony will be fined and may lead to a lease termination.
The man who put up the Trump banner however stated that he has no bad feelings toward his neighbor. They have never met and he would be happy to meet with her.

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