Wednesday, 26 April 2017

The Game's beautiful message to his son as he turned 10

Rapper, The Game, wrote a beautiful message to his son, King Justice Taylor, who clocked 10 on Tuesday. He shared the photo above and wrote:

A short letter to my best friend: the 1st time we met, I knew in my heart that you'd grow up to be exactly the way you are.... like me. It's funny watching a mini you run around & do things the exact way i did when I was child... the way you, walk, talk, run, laugh.... your swag, man just everything about you is me & that is the coolest thing in the world to me. I thank God every time I'm look at you just based on the pure fact I feel lucky to be your dad bro... you are a wonderful son & my heart almost can't take the amount of love jumping around in it for you... my lil Krazy kid is turning 10 today, 10 years old.... I cannot believe an entire decade has past us buy... the memories, the friendship, the good times.. we don't have bad ones so it's all love baby boy... I'm happy to be your dad & I can't wait to hug you today.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY "KING JUSTICE TAYLOR" I love you with everything God has given me - Daddy

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