Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Electrician rats out man who lived above public toilet for three years

A Japanese squatter, Takashi Yamanouchi, 54, lived a smelly but peaceful life above a public toilet in Usuki, Japan for three years, until a nosy electrician blew the lid off his secret accommodation. The party pooper, who was working at the restroom earlier this month, discovered that Yamanouchi, lived above the toilet and promptly reported him to the authorities who then charged him for trespassing.
In his 990-square-foot home, Yamanouchi had a gas stove, an electric heater and lots of clothing. When the authorities searched his humble home, they discovered that even though Yamanouchi lived above a toilet, he didn't use it. They found 300 bottles filled with urine.

Yamanouchi said he had lived in various places during the last 10 years before settling down above the toilet three years ago, when another squatter moved out of the place.

He’s believed to have gained entry to the loft by climbing on top of the toilet stalls and squeezing through a maintenance hatch. Because of Yamanouchi, Usuki authorities initiated a crackdown and started searching all other public toilets to flush out possible squatters but no one else was discovered. Source:, the International Business Times reported.

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