Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Photos: Suspected Nigerian and Ghanaian drug peddlers arrested with 10 grams of cocaine

Suspected Nigerian and Ghanaian drug peddlers Sunday Anya Uka and Nana Mensah were arrested late last month during a cocaine bust at St Marks Road near Cubbon Park, Bangalore, India.
Anti-narcotic squads raiding drug peddlers are now adapting and redrawing their strategy to overpower the sturdy and agile Africans who often prove too much to handle for the police personnel, as the biggest challenge is to subdue them and take them into custody.

According to Bengalore Mirror, the suspected peddlers often resort to crude forms of resistance – like biting and kicking – to thwart the cops’ attempts to arrest them; the latter are now adapting and redrawing their strategy to overpower these drug peddlers.
Now, they have planned to beef up their teams by roping in friends and informants in standby teams to jump in and ‘assist’ the policemen if the suspect proves to be too much to handle.
“We have these additional men, civilians, with us kept on standby to assist us in subduing them. Often it is very difficult as unlike in regular cases, we require five to six people to subdue one Nigerian drug peddler. We have two officers holding their legs, one holding him at his hips while another one puts a choke hold from behind. It is very difficult,” said an officer who has been on frequent drug raids.
While a Nigerian suspected of drug peddling is subdued, one personnel handcuffs him; another chains up his legs before he is taken into the police vehicle. It is during this process the cops require help from their ‘friends’.
The officials also claimed that often the first few minutes of the operation are very crucial as they could throw away the narcotic pouches if out in the open, or flush them down the toilet if they are cornered at their residences.
"We do not include random people but often friends and also informants, people whom we interact with on a regular basis. Usually we have at least 10 to 15 cops in our raid party but if there are multiple suspects to be arrest then we need this secondary layer of protection,” said a Central Crime Branch (CCB) source.
The tactic, according to sources, proved to be successful during the raid in which Nana Mensah and Sunday Anya Uka were arrested with 10 grams of cocaine.
The cops also managed to take the suspects to their residence on Bannerghatta road from where they claimed to have seized an additional 35 grams of cocaine. One of them tried to flee from the spot and it was the timely intervention of the ‘additional forces’ that helped the cops nab him.
Source: Bengalore Mirror

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